Washington Chamber of Commerce

Regina –

Victim Location 98101

Type of a scam Phishing

They call us everyday. Sometimes from the Washington State Chamber of Commerce, sometimes from Washington State Department of Business Development. They always use a generic American name, even though they have heavy accents, and they ask us if we are moving, if we have found a new place, how many employees we have, and if so-and-so still works for us. They are oddly apologetic over the phone, but I don’t think it is out of empathy or remorse–they just want to keep you on the phone. Now, they have taken up to asking whether or not employees are in the office, and when is the best time to call them.

Their common statement is something along the lines of they are updating our listing, that it is mandatory (they claim to be doing this for government purposes) and then they persist with their questioning. It is annoy, and we just want them to stop.

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