WCAB and UNICEF USA Fed Gov Grant Trust Fund Promotion

Tara –

Victim Location 63501

Type of a scam Government Grant

I got several text messages supposedly from a friend, reporting that he’d secured a government grant to open a new business, and recommending that I do the same by contacting the attorney, Cynthia Coffman, and especially by going to the facebook page and requesting that she "friend" me. When I contacted the friend whose photo was attached to each text message, he said thta his facebook had apparently been hacked, and that last week he got reports from several friends that he "friend" them, even though he had done so long ago. I think I got such a request from him, wondered for a while because we were already facebook friends, then clicked "Accept" friendship. I don’t know what he or I should do to get out of this loopy situation and shut it down without losing our genuine facebook friends. (When I checked the website, it smelled fishy so I didn’t go further, but imagine that the scammers would ask for legal fees.)

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