Webhats.com (aka) B-zany

Audrey –

Victim Location 33710

Total money lost $25.85

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I placed and order for balloons several weeks ago. A week went by and I had not received a confirmation of any type. I emailed and called them and stated fir them to cancel the order and not charge me since I had not received any info from them. Three days later they charged me and mailed the items. I immediately began emailing and calling and received no response until I said I was contacting BBB and all of our local news media. I then received an email from [email protected] saying that their emails to me were returned and that I could refuse the item. I could not refuse it since it was dropped off by the post office and did not require a signature. I asked several times if I could just return the package and never got a response. I also asked several times for proof that their emails to me including the confirmation were returned and I have received nothing back. All of those emails went to the person who emailed me. I returned the item a week ago and have heard nothing. I have also called them everyday this week on all 3 numbers I can find for them and I have email thru their "contact us" since the other person will not contact me back. I looked up all reviews and everyone has the same complaints that I do and they have to be stopped.

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