Webshore Services LLC

Devin –

Victim Location 54452

Type of a scam Tech Support

In 2016, we were scammed into allowing remote access of our computer due to a pop-up message that appeared saying computer was infected. The company claimed to be Webshore Services, and they subsequently charged us for a 3-year service plan. Today, we received another call from a man claiming to be with the same company telling us that they were required to refund the $199.00 we paid for the service plan. I told him I thought that the software had been removed by Best Buy and he had me check my directory to see if it was still there, which it was. I told him I would not allow remote access to my computer by anyone, and he said I could not remove the software myself, nor could anyone else like Best Buy Geek Squad. I took his phone number and told him I would contact him if I changed my mind.

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