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Alberto –

Victim Location 60570

Type of a scam Tech Support

Told to contact 1-800-293-0263 immediately because they found 4 trojans in my system. To remove trojans it was necessary to have access to my computer and they gave me an ID and password and then they put in their ID and password and this seemed to get access. They told me they could remove the viruses (for two years) for $300 and for longer periods for a higher amount. I did not give them any credit card or other personal information. They told me they would call back in 1 hour (yesterday) and did not call yesterday or today. I called the 800 number today. They asked me if I had given them any money. I said "no" and they said they would not call again. Employees seemed to be Indian although they said they were located in California. Not sure it was a scam. Did not push for money. If you put 1-800-293-0263 into your browser you will find two companies with the same phone number.

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