webstorejobs.org claiming to be hiring for Amazon

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Victim Location 98053

Type of a scam Employment

This is the (prerecorded) voicemail I received; “Hello this is Sarah calling with web store jobs dot org a nonprofit recruitment firm I saw your resume online and I’m calling about an online opportunity working with Amazon you’ll be listing products and posting reviews online in your spare time Hourly pay ranges from $17-$32 an hour we are currently hiring 23 people this month so please register today at web store jobs dot org that’s Web store jobs dot org”.

I am contacted almost daily by real job recruiters even though I am not looking, but the first red flag for me was the prerecorded message. While there are plenty of legitimate 3rd party recruiters for large companies, none of them use prerecorded messages.

Before reporting this, I did some research including visiting the website that was mentioned in the voicemail. The website immediately redirects a few times before loading (another red flag), to a page seemingly dedicated to your area of employment – yet another red flag. A legitimate ‘work from home’ job may list where the job is based, but does not specifically hire from that location.

Actual web address after loading, is <span title="https://newstime.bid/trendmswv2/?a=767&s1=10516&s2=114164621&reqid
https://newstime.bid/trendmswv2/?a=767&s1=10516&s2=114164621&reqid<b… />
Lastly and most importantly, to sign up for this job, you are required to pay for an enrollment kit. This wasn’t mentioned in the message they left, of course, but it is on the website (attaching a screenshot for reference).

If ANY job asks you to pay to sign up, it’s most likely a scam to get your personal and credit card information. You should be paid for a job, but never pay to get a job.

This particular website justifies their fee as separating those who are “serious about working with Amazon through this program” and those who aren’t. Don’t fall for it. Amazon (or any other large corporation) is never desperate for employees and the interview process is designed to determine who is “serious” about a job – NOT a fee.

The website continues on, basically repeating the same information over and over using slightly different words. The gist of it says to act fast on this opportunity because there are a limited about of spaces and the opportunity will expire tomorrow. They use this “urgency” tactic to make you sign up without really reading what you’re signing up for.

If any company seeks YOU out for employment and rushes you to pay a fee due to limited time and space, it is most definitely a scam. If the job is so ‘in demand’, they wouldn’t have had to seek you out in the first place, nor would you have to pay a fee.

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