Welch Corgi zone

Gary –

Victim Location 47403

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I have been looking for Dog Breeders for Pembrook Welch Corgis online for several months now! I could find only one Breeder in Indiana and they have no puppies right now. I starting looking for other breeders in other States. I was looking on Google yesterday for any other site for Welch Corgis in breeders in Indiana. I look at the site and it appeared to be legitimate. The “Breeder” even included a background story of how his grandfather was once a breeder of horses and how when he got older he and his wife who was a veterinarian decided to breed Pembroke Welch Corgis. It went on to alaborate more very positive breeding and socialization standards! I contacted him on Messanger! I had seen a particular Female Corgi that I like. He said she was available and he could ship her to Indiana the next day. I am 65 and unfamiliar with how these practices work! He told me that I would need to pay in cash and that I should go to Walmart and send the money “Walmart to Walmart”. He stated that the Females were $750 and the Males were $650. The flight fee for “the pet delivery service” was an additional $130.

I went to the bank this morning and went to Walmart. When I went up to the cashier and said that I wanted to send cash to someone…, she asked mean where to and did I know this person! I said that I had not and she asked me what what was I sending this man money for? I said that it was for a puppy from a Breeder in Texas and she warned me that it may be a scam and showed me on the front of the Money Sender form where it showed that “money order scams were prevalent for puppies and other items! I messaged this man and told him what I had been told. He responded to me that, “Yes there were a lot of Scams out their but he WAS legitimate! I told him to send me a picture with him holding the dog and that I wanted the telephone number for the Vetrrinarian office for where his wife worked! No picture arrived at first but he eventually sent me a telephone number! I looked up the area code and it was for Richmond, Virginia!! He then sent me a picture of a different Welch Corgi than I had scene sitting in a car on some unidentifiable female’s lap! Then he sent me a picture taken outside with a young Hispanic man holding a Welch Corgi that was again…, NOT the dog I had identified as wanting to purchase! I messaged him that he was a “Scam Artist” and he said that that was not true and that I owed him an apology! I responded “[censored] You!” and then I Blocked him. He then tried to call me because I had given him my name an telephone number AND ADDRESS that I had sent him last night in information that he said he needed!! I then contacted our small commuter airport where he said the puppy could be shipped to ask if they even received shipped puppies. She said they did and I told her what had taken place. She responded that I was at least the 3rd or 4th person that they had heard from about puppies allegedly being shipped there over the last 3 months that were never schedled nor arrived!!

I’ve learned my lesson! Apparently Scammers can copy legitimate pictures and web sites and tweak them for their own illegal purposes. I will have to find Breeders in surrounding States at this point and visit them personally!! ??

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