Wes-farmer Limited

Krystle –

Victim Location 28205

Type of a scam Employment

Sent a text to me without me having applied to there job. Said their. Are was Paul Huffman from Wes-farmer Limited and that their HR Dept reviewed my resume on indeed.com available positions are: AP and AR/Customer Service Rep/ Administative Assistant/ Dispatcher/ Office Receptionist, Full time/Part time and to reply if interested. I replied to them via text to ask where the job was located? And could they provide more info to me about the company. They replied that the position is set for immediate hire and that I was selected for their online Screening Interciew via Gmail Hangout and to invite Mr. David L Balula using the email [email protected] asap for the job interview and that SHE will be waiting to READ from you soon to discuss the position duties, salary and benefits. I replied that this seemed rushed, vague, and that their email had grammatical errors and that I would need more information first. They replied like what? What will you like to know? I asked again what does your company do? Where is the job located? What are the qualifications? What are the hours? All they replied was that they could assure me I have nothing to worry about. I asked if they were going to answer any of my questions? They did not reply. I then said I would be reporting them still no reply.

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