West side medical bracing inc

Daniel –

Victim Location 55337

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

I was contacted by phone by a man stating he needed Medicare info as to send me a back brace. I told him I didn’t need a back brace and not to send it, after 2 more calls from him and telling him again not to send- what shows up at my front door but a back brace. I called the company and was told to send it back,if I didn’t want it but it was ordered by an prescription from my orthopedic , Dr Martha Smasciopimbo, I told them for one thing I have no back problem and for another I’ve never seen or heard of that Dr., nor have I ever visited and orthopedic Dr. . The gal on the phone kept insisting I had, she told me they will now bill Medicare and what they don’t pay, I will have to pay out of pocket.

I am trying to reach Medicare but no luck yet.

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