Gloria –

Victim Location 89015

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Set up a booth at foodie fest in Henderson, NV. no one was at booth. they had a box with entry form next to it saying you can win. received a call day after foodie fest ended saying won trip worth thousands of dollars, except i have to pat for transportation, resort fees, and by the way give them a fee of $399 now without checking them out. I said I wanted to wait to check it out, that i couldn’t at the moment so the girl put me on hold and a mister walker came on the line saying it is real, if i am skeptical they would just move on to the next. he was extremely rude and they just wanted me to give a card number over the phone and be ok with it. I know now they will move on to the next and get their money. They never even mentioned who they were affiliated with until I asked. The guy told me it was a first come first serve basis. Funny, thought I was winning something, not being pressured to purchased something.

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