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Victim Location 90405

Type of a scam Employment


We are pleased to let you know that your application and your resume for the post of Assistant Photographer were received and reviewed. We are having a project for Alexander McQueen for their upcoming line of designed to unfold November and this shoot will be held in Dallas, TX between October 1st – 3rd. This is an All-expense paid job. You will be paid $400.00 daily for 3 days work. Please confirm your availability for those dates and further details will be sent to you.

Angelo R. Reyes

Executive Producer/Photographer

wettstudios® LLC

(469) 309-7075


We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected as an ideal candidate that is skilled, motivated, and energetic to work with us. Wettstudios will be having a photoshoot this October for our client Alexander McQueen for their upcoming line of designed to be unfolded. You will be working directly with the production crew throughout the production. This is a highly professional, creative, and collaborative project.

Job Duties:

Assisting in everything from administration to the shoot.

Challenge and introduce new and innovative methods of creative execute

You will be required to do whatever is necessary to ensure that a photographic shoot runs smoothly. Usually, this involves preparing sets, checking that all equipment is functioning properly, and setting up lighting and accessories, taking meter readings, uploading files.

Strategically identifying project deliverable, thinking before designing, while diligently exceeding the project and business goals

Project details: It is a 3 days photo shoot that will be held at 8360 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy, Dallas, TX 75243 from October 1st – 3rd. You will be required to sign a contract for this 3 days project which will be emailed to you after acknowledging this email.

Pay: You will be paid $400.00/day which will amount to $1,200.00 for the 3 days. You will also receive a check next week via FedEx/USPS and this check will cover your personal expenses which includes travel/lodging and will be handled via our sponsor’s designated travel agent. You get a daily update via email feel free to email for any information and we will get back to you ASAP. Further procedure and contract document will be emailed after you acknowledge this email, please acknowledge this email right away.

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