Will Mart

Kathleen –

Victim Location 90041

Total money lost $119.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased, what I thought was a Hoover carpet cleaner online from a website called Will Mart for $*** with free shipping. I was sent a confirmation email which included a link to view my order. From the start, the link was wonky and didn’t take me to my order but to a website with unrelated random items. After about a week I returned to the website to try and check on my order and the website was no longer there. I sent an inquiry email to the address provided in the initial confirmation email ([email protected]) and it bounced right back (could not be delivered). I then sent an email to an address ([email protected]) the seller had used with PayPal and got no response so I filed a claim with PayPay.

Something just didn’t feel right, right from the beginning. The price was too good to be true along with the free shipping and when I would Google search Will Mart, the only thing that would come up was Walmart.

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