Windows Operating System

Edwin –

Victim Location 94565

Type of a scam Phishing

At approximately 9pm on Sunday, October 29th, I received a call from some woman indicating she was from Windows operating system inquiring if I used this system. Reluctantly, I asked yes, followed by a"why do you ask." It was them the call dropped… so I thought. I immediately called the number on my caller ID (310 298-3229) and a recording came on saying the number is no longer in service. It was then my suspicions were concerned – I’d been scammed! I immediately called my bank to cancel my card. I also tried to report this to a local tv stations consumer fraud division and the local district atty., but both of them were closed. I’ll report this tomorrow. Be careful!


Kathryn –

Victim Location 06095

Type of a scam Tech Support

My phone rang and it was a number from Paola, KS. After picking up the phone the call was transferred to a some type of call center. I was advised that my computer was giving the central Office Windows Operations department errors and warnings. I advised him that I was not using my computer and that I would not be giving him any of my information. I advised him that I knew this was a scam. He asked what I knew about scams. He seemed to have an answer to every question that I asked him. I advised him that I would be reaching out to file a complaint with the BBB. This didn’t even seem to make him nervous.

Holly –

Victim Location 55106

Type of a scam Tech Support


This is the second call of this sort that I’ve received (I didn’t know about your ‘tracker’ earlier). This 1st caller identified himself as being with Windows operating system saying my computer was infected with a virus of "which you are unaware." I didn’t fall for it.

The second call I received today – saying basically the same thing – though this time with a warning that I could ‘loose my computer’ if I didn’t reply. This call was left as a message on my answering machine.

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