Windstream Connect

Logan –

Victim Location 40505

Type of a scam Utility

His name is Chance Greeley. Tall, white, skinny, adult, male. He claimed he was a new internet service through Windstream called Windstream Connect. I Asked him for a business card and he said he had a flier but it was locked in the truck and his partner had the keys and was in a different building asking people. He presented a tablet to input info in and it asked for ssn to which I refused to give any info. I had my bf with me and Chance tried to put in info for him and was clicking on the ipad while my bf was looking at it (big red flag). I asked for the website and he showed me on his ipad. I tried to look it up on my phone and was unable to find anything about it. I sternly told him no and he would not leave. Claiming he doesn’t get paid for getting info, only for commission if we agree to change and how he was not a sketchy guy and he wasn’t going to harm me (another red flag). He’s very persistent and I ended up just slipping back into my house and closing the door in his face.

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