Wk Co

Cassie –

Victim Location 27502

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by WK CO in May of 2018, with an offer for employment as a "logistics manager". This was a at home employment offer. I was promised a salary of $2650 for the first month of employment with a $25 bonus for each delivery that I processed within 12 hours of received. The second month I was promised$3300 +$25 for my salary and the bonus for the 12 hour turn around processing of the package. This was a at home shipping scam. The company shipped packages to my house and I was instructed to wait for the shipping label from them. They sent me detail instructions on how to process the packags from their website. I was to print it out and attached it to the package and ship it out to a FedEx store and report back to them via email on their website. Sometimes they call me if it took me too long to get the package out. They were tracking the packages also from their end as well. I did what was asked of me using up my gas and putting wear and tear on my car for this venture. Also I had to purchase packing accessories when needed to combine 2 expensive mixers. I did a Google search of the items that were shipped to me to see what was coming and they were some expensive items like I mentioned earlier, mixers, irobot, drones, and an iPad just to name a few. I did as asked but when it comes time to collect my money as per them I was on of their "star managers" because I processed within the 12 hour turn around time. I collected$350 in me per the dashboard. All this was shown on their website that you have access to when you sign up. I did think that something was a bit off because the password was pre set to password. But I just went with it to see if it was legitimate. Long story short, I started receiving packages at my front door. I was still feeling a little like something wasn’t right but ignored the feeling again! SMH!!! So I processed them per instruction from the website. I even got called for them several times to get me know that I had packages coming ect. The conversations were short and was just about the delivery of the packages. I did open up 1of the boxes to make sure that the product was in there and it was. Everything looked legitimate so I proceeded on with them. I worked for them for 1month with the promise of pay on my 31st day of work. They had several way for you to get paid, direct deposit into my bank account, PayPal account or a paper check (I was too smart for a paper check LoL! Not! I gave them a checking account that I had but was nothing in it. I would get a text when something was deposited into the account for notification. I didn’t get the text nor notification of deposit. There was a notice on their website telling you the date of your pay also. Well on the day that I was supposed to get paid there was nothing. I sent them an email asking if they were going to send a w2 for the taxes. They never answered me back. So I went to the site the next day and I was locked out of it! I got a picture of what appears to be the New York skyline! I tried calling but I got no answer. I tried this several times to no avail. So I finally gave up on trying to reach someone by phone. I kept trying to get into the website but it’s still locked down. I made another website with them using a different email address and I was able to get into that site. It’s just like the other one with the dashboard and instructions on how to process packages. Needless to say, I never got my money but they did get the merchandise. I am still not sure about how this scam works if anyone knows can you post it. My credit is frozen and the bank account that they have for me is closed. I hope that this helps someone not to fall victim to these people. Looking back now I wished that I had kept the merchandise but that would’ve been stealing. I hope that they get caught! Don’t fall victim to these people. Blessings on your day. PS: I did keep the receipts, records and pictures of the items that I received and shipped out. I also printed out 2 shipping labels for proof, just in case. UPS and FedEx have each delivery records of packages that I sent and the ones that were sent to me also.

Carla –

Victim Location 66215

Type of a scam Employment

They emailed me using a gmail account for a job opportunity offering 2650 during training period and 3300 after the 31 days training with a 25 bonus for packages delivered within 12hrs. They told me that if Im interested i should email [email protected] with my current phone number. Then they texted me to go to the site so-vo.com which will reroute you to wk-hiring.com site. There they will ask you to fill up the forms and request a copy of your ID. stupid enough i gave a copy of my DL. After sending and filling up the stuffs there is an online contract with a digital sign in. after all of that they will give you a username password to their control panel (pa-mo.com). there you will be able to do your test duty where you will print out the fedex label and send an empty box. after sending the empty box they contact you and inform you that you pass the test and will contact you for the next box that will arrive the next 3-6 days that may or may not have my name on it because the other managers may use their names and direct it to diff logistics personnel. after that i got curios and did a little research on the company they have a couple of documents from IRS and a certificate of organization from the state of Georgia with a control number which didn’t appear on the site of ecorp.sos.ga.gov. also googled the address stated on the digital contract and the certificate of organization which are all business space for rent with no listed tenant. this is a fake.

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