Wolfe Construction – Impostor

Claire –

Victim Location 28144

Type of a scam Employment

I received an email from Wolfe Construction that they received my resume for an Order Entry Clerk. I did not remember sending my resume

to them. They promised a check to set up a home office, a computer, cell phone, etc. I was instructed once the check arrived to immediately deposit less $600 which my 1st weeks pay of $500 plus (2) $50 bonuses. I would get an email after I sent confirmation of check (deposit slip) on what to do with the rest of the check. Two days later a check for $4,995.00 arrived by USPS Priority Mail. A few things started smelling fishy so I have not deposited the check. 1st – They never responded to my question about where they got my resume. 2nd – Wolfe is located in Charleston W Va, but the check was a United Community Bank Georgia. 3rd – The Priority Mail return address was from Advanced Micro Devices Inc in St. Petersburg, Fla. I still have the check and am trying to figure out whether to send it back marked VOID or to just shred it.

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