Wolfe Construction (impostor)

Abby –

Victim Location 08822

Type of a scam Employment

Received an email offering me a nice position as an order entry/clerical assistant with Wolfe Construction. It was to be a primarily work from home telecommute position. Funny thing, I didn’t remember even applying with this company. I searched every place I could think that I might have sent them some sort of information from, but came up with nothing. I searched Wolfe Construction online and found his name and email address. Attempted to call the number on the site, but it was disconnected. Tried to email from the listed email, also bounced back. Replied to the original email, asking for a phone number and I left mine as well. I received another email asking for information so I could get my employment data filled out. No phone number, no call. There is NO WAY I will put all my personal data and references out there for them when I can’t reach a live person, nor have I had an actual conversation with anyone about this place! My gut says total scam…

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