Work Force Recruitments

Sarah –

Victim Location 98006

Type of a scam Employment

Work Force Recruitments claims to work with Fortune 500 companies they have cut /pasted on their website. The website is not proper English language, and Chris Rodriguez( is a foreigner that sounds from India or another similar country language) claiming to be a recruiter for IBM in my case. He has a woman "Nancy" who is also an Indian sounding accent with a fake name who introduces herself, and ask if I am looking for employment. I say yes, and she forwards me the Full Time Job at IBM, I can work remote and it is a big salary with benefits, bonuses, etc. (Fake). She then says are you willing to be Scrum Certified, and I say yes to go along with the storyline. She then says, her peer at work with Work Force Recruitments will call me and send an email, which happened. I let Chris tell me his story, and first thing came up that I must enroll is Scrum Certification program, and by the way let me send you a list of companies that IBM works with for the certification. I knew it was a scam. Just chalk it up to experience let’s say. I then said I am not enrolling and paying $ 900.00 for a Scrum Certification course, as I am Senior IT Project Manager, and have a PMP but I may enroll in a course if requested directly from IBM once I am hired. That shutdown the conversation. I then decided I am fed up with these scammers and looked up the address on where they say they are located (not too specific on suite #, just address), so I called the property manager at the building located at 201 Spear Street , San Francisco, and she said that there is not a business by that name in this luxury building. Somehow I knew that. I then reverse checked the phone number (only number listed on website) which goes to VM to a Chris. You can see this is a scam for Chris and Nancy to get kick backs or take the full amount of signing up for Scrum training through the link and company of who knows owns it. BEWARE !!!!!

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