World Class Package, LLC

Leonard –

Victim Location 75706

Type of a scam Employment

I made an inquiry on an at home job. I do not remember which site or what the caption would have been because I have looked at so many in the past few weeks. However, I did receive a request from Isabella Chang to send my resume to carmelneedleman of which was replied directly from Diana Goodwin. Diana Goodwin is the one who I have had most email contact with. I am attaching the email conversations, screen shots of the emails themselves, and the message source (code behind the sender/recipient) from each (adjusted for maximum size to be able to attach here). When I was asked to provide a copy of my driver’s license and we hadn’t yet spoken over the phone, a huge red flag was sent up. Of course, prior to this, they wanted information of which to deposit my pay. I made a PayPal account of which they could send to instead.

If you need the documents Diana Goodwin sent me, I would be happy to forward these to you. If you need anything else, please do not hesitate to ask.

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