Daniel –

Victim Location 98036

Type of a scam Charity

Below is a copy of the text message I received. I was requested to fill out a form. Upon doing so and being told I was qualified for a$50,000 grant. All I needed to do was pay a token amount for delivery. The amount was $850. When I said I didn’t have that amount I was pressured to beg or borrow to not let this opportunity pass. Upon further inquiry after I suggested that we do a bank transfer of funds to avoid the fees for insurance and delivery I was told that it was not possible because they send the whole amount in cash delivery to your door by FedEx. All the while I was told to keep it on the down low and not tell anyone until I received the money. Then the agent started to try to negotiate the amount I could afford to pay or try paying by installment. After declining the offer, the person who recommended this opportunity started to pressure me to at least get half of the money. So I stopped communication with this person too. We met online through a dating site but not in person. I suspect he uses this method to troll for targets. I was sent a picture of the type of package as proof it’s true. I noticed that the delivery address is not in the form of a waybill but a typed paper. They misspelled FedEx. I think that the name is appropriate "Crook". Also there’s no zip code which is necessary for delivery.

This is Agent Benjamin Waters from the WORLD ECONOMIC HELP FUND. This organization was established in 2002. which we use to help both deaf, hearing, impaired and poor to support their day to day needs. We give a free grant to everyone who qualifies. We are real and legal approved by the Federal government with our registered organization number (/00051491/WEHF).

This will not affect you.

For security reason, We advise you to keep this news to your self and don’t share this news to anybody until we deliver you your money.

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