Worldwide Petroleum Contractors

Jacqueline –

Victim Location 19148

Total money lost $198

Type of a scam Employment

I applied for a job with this so called company stating they are hiring in the Pennsylvania area, i applied and they got back to me and said the jobs were filled and offered me a job overseas all i had to do was send a check or money order to IGG Holdings that is in South Carolina and incorporated in Georgia, i looked into the company with the Georgia corporation Dept and it says it have been in business for 10 years so i thought it was good and sent the money they said when they receive the money order they will email you a receipt, a month later and i sent two emails to them and still no receipt and no reply back and the money order was cashed i checked with the post office, i did a little more digging and come to find out they are both the same company. When you call Worldwide Petroleum Contractors you speak to a [censored] named Rick who is a nasty prejudices person when he is confronted with questions, he kept calling me a dumb Yankee and a [censored] and i told him after being talked to like that because i had two questions that you are tough on the phone but wouldn’t be in person and when i said the reports this is a scam he hung up on me. Rick says he has nothing to do with IGG Corporation but if you look on IGG web site and click on Web site development Ricks number comes up, so what does web site development have to do with Worldwide Petroleum its all a scam. I did everything i was asked to do and waited over the 3 weeks before asking for deployment information and says 48 hrs someone with get back to you and its over 110 hrs and still no one got back to me so i called and that’s when i called just to ask the question and the [censored] Rick was nasty with me, Its a phony company robbing peoples money and i hope Rick gets his day soon. Someone should start investigating both companies because they are the same.

Douglas –

Victim Location 19124

Type of a scam Employment

Offered job in Costa Rica paying $174,000 a year with a 1 year contract. Then posted stating a background check would need to be conducted but would have to pay out of pocket then reimbursed. This is the website they put the background check .

Lucas –

Victim Location 32822

Total money lost $198

Type of a scam Employment

Back in the date of June 15th 2018, I received a offer for employment from worlwidepetroleum contractors, with a letter of approval for employment a full website with 4 pages of explanation with all the questions with answers by them – Security Officer $174,000 per year in Rio De Janiero Brazil the only stipulation is a overseas background check from Brazil employees handling the background. They instructor me to send a money order or check through

IGG Holdings Atlanta Georgia for $198.00 – With a Promise after the background is good clear and complete the $198.00 will be refunded to me. After weeks and weeks of nothing I called the Number 213 928 3667 a very nasty and rude individual who will tell you to just be patient. If you question him why Its taking too long he will say look we have thousands of applicants daily. It takes time. & months nothing. This fraud scam artist must be shut down ASAP! Don’t give them a penny – Forget It They are Fake, and should be Locked Up.

Elizabeth –

Victim Location 95831

Total money lost $198

Type of a scam Employment

I had applied for a security position through Indeed which is a normal practice for me. I interviewed for several security position with companies who was interested in my qualifications. Worldwide Petroleum offered me a position with their company if I could pass a federal background check. This is the email that I received from the company. The background check worldwide Petroleum Contractors /Security Guard Job Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Hiring Approved.

To: Patrice Jones

Thank you for applying to our company for a position in our security department.You originally applied for a security job in Sacramento, CA we filled those positions and we would like to offer you a position as a security guard in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil .You will be guarding corporate office buildings and our drilling platform assembly site and heavy equipment storage area..Your salary will be $174,000 USD per year.Click on the following link CLICK to view the complete security guard job description and our great employer paid benefits program. If you decide not to accept our offer thank you for applying to our company. Worldwide Petroleum Contractors. After reviewing your resume we are happy to offer you the above stated job. After reading the Detailed Security Guard Job Description if you have any questions, Phone – 213-928-3667 & Visit Our Website For More Details Worldwide Petroleum Contractor. I then went on the website to complete the background check. The company then sent me a detail job description.

Security Guard Job Description

Rio de Janeiro,Brazil

Q.) Who is the employer? A.) Our company, Worldwide Petroleum Contractors.

Q.) Have I been hired ? A.) Yes we have hired you to perform security guard duties in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil

Q.) What kind benefits will I have? A.) Click Here For Our Benefits Program > Worldwide Petroleum Contractors Benefits

Q.) Does your company provide uniforms? A.) Yes, you are issued 7 company uniforms, every Monday morning you place the soiled uniforms outside your apartment door, they will be picked up, laundered and pressed and returned to you Monday night.

Q.) How long is my contract and what are the weekly hours I will work? A.) Contract = one year. Work schedule = 5 days a week / 8 hours a day. Salary = $174,000 USD per year, paid on the first of each month auto deposited to your bank account. You can request over time. See > Job Openings

Q.) How do I get to work to start my shift. A.) Our company van picks you up at the apartment building and takes you to the job and when you have completed your shift the company van brings you back to the apartment building.

Q.) Where will I live ? A.) As shown in > Worldwide Petroleum Contractors Benefits we provide furnished private lodging (A one bedroom furnished apartment complete with satellite TV and WiFi.) for each employee in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil

Q.) What will be my guarding assignments?

A.) You will be guarding a office complex and the office buildings in the complex and a construction site and a heavy equipment storage area.

Q.) How long do I have to complete the hiring process and notify Worldwide Petroleum Contractors that I am accepting the job offer?

Employer Id Number = web21c (Needed For background report application)

A.) You have 5 business days to complete the hiring process, both our company and our client in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil require the employee to furnish us with a international criminal background report done by > Universal Employment Limited.Com . Universal Employment Limited.Com notifies our company when you order the report, you will receive a receipt at the time of payment confirming that you have completed the hiring process. Please note we can not get your work visa application approved if you have been convicted of a felony. All countries now require a worldwide felony history report confirming that the work visa applicant has no felony history. With the growing number of felons in The United States And Canada our firm can not continue to pay for background reports containing felonies. However we will reimburse the applicant for a clean report containing no felonies. As a employer we hope you can understand our position. You know if you have a felony in your background, after all it is your background.

Q.) Will I be reimbursed for the cost of the background report? A.) Yes, our company will reimburse you for a clean report – no felonies. You will receive the reimbursement for the criminal background report cost at our company’s management office in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil on the day you arrive to begin your contract.

If we have not covered questions that you may have about your employment with our company call us 213-928-3667

After paying for the background check I followed the time frame that was given in the job description after several weeks I contacted the company and hiring manager through email and phone and was given the run around about when I would be deported and the status of my background check. I know that I can pass a Federal background check because I don’t have any criminal history. As a single parent receiving government assistance 198.00 was a sacrifice for me. If you receive any job offers from this company do not accept


A United States Based Employment Information Company

This Website Is Owned By IGG Holdings Corporation, Proud To Be Incorporated In Georgia, USA /

Click Here for Corporate Info Click Here For IGG Holdings Corporation Website

Open And Processing Background Reports 24 / 7 Serving 212 Overseas Employers

This is the company who provided the fraudulent background check.

John Fitzgerald- Personnel Department Worldwide Petroleum Contractors

Business Hours = Monday – Friday 9AM – 6PM Eastern Standard Time

Saturday = 10 AM – 1 PM Eastern Standard Time

Phone = 213-928-3667

Please be aware this company is a Fraudulent Company

Katherine –

Victim Location 17111

Type of a scam Employment

Put up an ad for security in philly for 75k a year. I submitted resume and received an email stating the position was full but offered employment in rio Brazil for a large sum of money. The links brought me to a fictious site to pay for a background check that was around $100. It looked fake so looked back at the email and noticed errors. Researched the company and came up with nothing. Researched the number and came up with scams.

Emmanuel –

Victim Location 48206

Type of a scam Employment

I’m not sure if this is a scam but it sure looks like one. Its sapost to be a world wide company but look at there websites it says nothing about the company. Just trying to get you to pay for a background check. The salaries they are offering are 100x anywhere else just dosen’t look good.

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