would not reveal

Molly –

Victim Location 11050

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

According to whitepages.com the number is to: Armando Gutierrez. Robocall that starts off about do you have I think they said neck or back pain, but could’ve been knee pain, who knows, but yeah, when you wait to get someone, or press zero and ask what company is this, click!!! Looked up the number online and actually got a hit for once without having to purchase a report. I don’t know if a scammer can make a call look like it comes from another phone number. Maybe this guy has nothing to do with it and just unfortunately has the number that showed up as the call number. I do know that you cannot make a call to this number which never makes sense to me as it is coming up as a real phone number according to whitepages.com. I do not know the legitimacy or accuracy of these free phone number search sites though. I am positive I got the number right because my phone saves the numbers. This number apparently is connected to an RV park. I would guess this scammer knows that my mother is on medicare? The call was to her landline home number.

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