Wrinkle Couture – Eye Couture

Diana –

Victim Location 93021

Total money lost $193.77

Type of a scam Business Email Compromise

This company had an ad on facebook advertising a cream called "Wrinkle Couture". They offered a free sample of two creams for a charge of $4.95 and $5.95. I started to fill out an order but when I got to the "Terms and Conditions" it would not open up so I decided not to complete the order. They had my credit card information so they charged it to me and mailed the product anyway. Today 13 days later I opened my credit card account to see that there are two additional charges of $92.92 and $89.95 pending. I looked up their phone number on their website and called them to cancel and I was told I was too late to cancel the additional orders they claim I had agreed to when I placed the order. I stated that I did not complete the order because the "terms and conditions" would not open. He offered to give me an a discount on the order and I said "NO". He called me back and told me he had spoken to a supervisor and he would give me a 50% discount. I said "NO" again and hung up. He called me a third time immediately and I refused his call and I have blocked his number. Beware!

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