Wrinkle Couture

Anne –

Victim Location 90278

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

The Wrinkle Couture website says that they will send you a free sample of their product, and all you have to pay is shipping ($4.95). There are no terms and conditions or any other thing on the website that says you will be responsible for anything other than the $4.95. Fortunately for me, my bank (Bank of America) sent me an alert that there was fraudulent activity on my bank account. I called them and they asked me if I had authorized a charge of $92.92 for a skin cream, which of course I hadn’t. They were able to remove the charges from my account. I then called the Wrinkle Couture customer service line (I got the number from my bank), and they were extremely rude to me, saying that I had not looked at the terms and conditions on their website (there were not any), and that I owed them the money. I continued to argue with them and after repeatedly telling me how stupid I was for not understanding the terms and conditions, they agreed to cancel my order. My bank reassured me that if that request for payment comes up again, they will contact me and have my credit card number changed.

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