WSA Processing Services or Arbitrary Services

Samantha –

Victim Location 78646

Type of a scam Debt Collections

My boyfriend received a voice mail from Arbitrary Services(WSA Holdings Group) for me threatening legal action about a bad debt from a pay day loan if I don’t contact them by the close of business today. How did they get his phone number? We have never lived together and do not have the same last name. I have know idea how they knew we were associated. He has never had any association with any pay day loan companies ever. Obviously scared and shaken up by the message, he contacted me and gave me the phone number. I called the company because I had no idea what the call or debt in question was talking about. I spoke with "Director *** *** of the Fraud division with Arbitrary Services". She stated that I was being charged with a felony for attempt to defraud a company, larceny, and defrauding a company with a financial product. She also stated my drivers license would be temporarily suspended if I don’t pay the debt. When I asked how much the debt was? She could not tell me. She said to call back in an hour and we would discuss the matter further. I called back on 3 separate occasions with no answer and no voice mail. After several phone calls and repeated intimidation tactics with lots of legal charges, I agreed to a settlement which they asked me to pay via Moneygram or Bank of America which charges $65 to process while Moneygram only charges $10. Obviously, very scared I opted for Moneygram. I went to my bank to take out the money because while I remembered doing business with Check n Go check services. I did not remember having an outstanding debt with them. They could not provide any written documentation about the debt which kept bothering me because it did not seem right. The company or any of its personnel ever indicated they were a debt collection agency. They continued to represent themselves as legal entity with the power to impose legal action upon the victim. Needless to say, I was very scared and worried about such a serious string of events. If there is an outstanding debt, I am willing to satisfy my debts to the best of my ability. However, threatening legal action and making false legal charges while the victim’s daughter is in the car is frightening. Additionally, this company obtained the first 5 digits of my social security number. How they obtained this information I don’t know?

I contacted the Experian credit reporting agency to verify my debt to the original creditor. The agent at Experian informed me no such debt was on my credit report at this agency.

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