WW eMarket LLC

Johnathan –

Victim Location 33619

Type of a scam Identity Theft

I applied on careerbuilder, submitted all documents once I was offered the job. They emailed me saying I was a reshipped and my home was considered storage for items mailed to me. Once I received an Item I was supposed to take 3 pictures of the item or a picture of the invoice (even though there wasn’t ever one in the package) then all on a "control panel" they would send me a label for the item to babe reshipped via FedEx. I was alarmed when I was going to get paid and they insisted they could only pay me via PayPal. I’m glad I gave them information from a prepaid inactive debit card, butt I sent them my id and social security card. They told me I got a promotion as warehouse manager and a lawyer was putting together a contract for me to store large amounts of items and sell across all sorts of shopping websites/platforms. I signed it and they produced an EIN under my name. I also signed an employment contract assuming any and all liability. Now I had to send the IRS a identity theft affidavit and contacted my local fraud division. They had minimal advice, I knew it was a scam after I accepted a package with someone’s name on it that I’ve never heard of and I found articles online warning people in Illinois of this "reshipping" scam, never to accept a package with someone else name and to contact local police with info, unfortunately I’m in Florida and the sheriffs department has not assisted in any way. The documents they have sent me are available upon request, on the IRS EIN notice they sent me It says a name "Deidra Jackson sole mbr" the person who emails me goes by Julia Fabianski. Their phone is a Volp /google phone.

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