Wyndham Rewards

Travis –

Victim Location 80238

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

The customer service phone number listed on the website for Wyndham Rewards — the rewards program offered by Wyndham Worldwide Corporation — has been hijacked by a phishing/marketing scam targeted at seniors. The company that picks up, as best as I was able to discern, has no bona fide connection to Wyndham, and instead of offering customer services, it aggressively attempts to obtain callers’ credit card information, promising a $100 shopping certificate at "merchants like Walmart and Target" in exchange for a $1.95 card. When that offer is refused and questions about Wyndham customer service are asked, the operators ask further questions about personal information. Based on the questions (inquiring about knee and/or back pain), this appears targeted at senior citizens (Wyndham’s primary demographic). I have submitted a comment to Wyndham about this, but felt that a ScamPulse.com report was also appropriate. This seems like a clear attempt to either scam credit card numbers from senior citizens or to obtain unconsented personal information for marketing purposes. It took me about 7 very pointed questions to get the person on the phone to admit that he was not affiliated with Wyndham, and, when pressed about how to find the correct Wyndham number, he gave me 1-800-555-1212 (universally recognized as the phone number for telephone directory information).

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