Karl – Sep 22, 2020

I ordered a baby yoda for $50 & months later I received a cheap hand puppet. It’s rubber & completely NOT what I ordered. I contacted the company, they offered me a 20% credit. That’s it. The website is no longer available. Such a scam!

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Tristan – Jul 05, 2020

Ordered this Yoda doll in April for my husband. July 1st received that THING in the other complaint pics.

My advice is BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU, It has helped me once in past and I’m going to file report now. the more the better. they will get your money back.

we paid 76.00

Patricia – Jun 30, 2020

Same exact fraudulent transaction …Falsely advertised product and now im out 40 bucks…And the scammers have taken down there wedsite, how can I contact someone for help. I didn’t use a third party service.

Danny – Jun 30, 2020

I ordered 3 baby Yodos, took 2 months to get them ($89.94).They sent hand puppets not the interactive Yodos advertised.l saw this on Facebook. I want my money back!

Allen – Jun 27, 2020

I bought a baby talking Yoda instead I received a ugly plastic puppet iam not happy. Want my money back now.

Todd – Jun 27, 2020

Same experience and rec d a plastic hand puppet. Have filed thru paypal.

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Erik – Jun 26, 2020

I bought one and paid thru paypal, I filed a dispute and now waiting while paypal receives a response from seller and if they bullcrap paypal I will copy all these other responses of the scam this is.

Richard – Jun 24, 2020

I also ordered a talking baby yoda and received a hand puppet does not even look like anything they were advertising! This website is a scam! I really hope they get what’s coming for them. God don’t like liars!

Devon – Jun 24, 2020

I ordered 3 baby yodas and received 3 plastic puppets instead very disappointed and it took so long to get them. I paid for express shipping I emailed be them and have not received a response yet .

Eric – Jun 22, 2020

This was not as advertised. It is a plastic hand doll, not the walking talking Yoda they advertised.

Gabriel – Jun 11, 2020

I purchased 4 Yodas for $89.94. Zubaci made it look loke the Yodas were shipped from the US. “3 months later”, and many emails to them, they finally arrive from China. The Yodas were to come with a coat, necklace, and would talk. When they got here they were just a piece of colored, hollow rubber. We have not got our money back YET.
BEWARE! This company is a SCAM Chinese company. They will steal your money!

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Valerie – May 29, 2020

I purchased 2 baby todas almost $60 received an email with a tracking number that didn’t exist, I contacted the seller and received two responses with another tracking number, this one said that the item was picked up by a partner and on its way to a UPS office for delivery, but never arrived, I contacted the seller again and they responded that they were try to find were my package was and to give them 3 days , it’s been 2 weeks and I haven’t heard back from them. I’d try to contact them again but they are not responding anymore. How can I recover the money I spent?

Meagan – May 21, 2020

I seen it on Facebook and I wonted it so I got one 49.98 they of course got the money but never got a email or tracking number

Linda – May 12, 2020

Victim Location 79714

Total money lost $40

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Add on Facebook for Star Wars Mandalorian The Child Baby Yoda Ordered off of Facebook never received item. Paid by PayPal Received a FedEx tracking number but when entered its invalid. No way to contact any Questions Contact is [email protected] Email sent to me said it was shipped.

Shawn – Apr 22, 2020

Victim Location 10306

Total money lost $89.94

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Child – Baby Yoda

I purchased 3 and got 1 free and now the website is gone! They charged me $89.94. How do I get my money back?

Roberto – Jun 11, 2020

I am trying to go back through my credit card. These guys are dirty [censored]!

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