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Ross – Sep 28, 2020

I was contacted by a person called Stephen Merrier and offerd the job. His email address is [email protected] And introduced their travel partner , [email protected] and name Derick Luise his Mobil number is + 1 210 890 5264 ask to pay $899.99 for the visa processing. And said already on process. Ask to send by western union and his detail given was
First name…Smith Oyibo
Last name…NELSON
175 tonge moor road BL21JG
United Kingdom. I send by western union.
Later told Embassy asking for rental declaration and to pay 1month advance and 1deposit which I choose was 1bedroom apartment $829.99 . Which they said they have not received as I send by bank. Name: JOSEPH CHIRLEE
Bank: TCF
Acct No: 1444927767
Routing No:271972572
Swift code: TCNTUS44
Bank address : 3153 W, 183rd St, Homewood, IL 60430
Beneficiary address: 7137 s Yates blvd
Chicago Illinois 60649. Later ask to send for courier $912 contain travel documents and relocation allowance of $6300. Which forced to send by western union with different name Blessing Agho Italy. Later they send courier tracking number #1844190111 and a link. which is again copy of brand shipping company. In 2days they said my courier seized. And ask to contact. [email protected] for release. Only then realised the damn mistake. It’s hard earned blood money. I wonder why there is no law against this imitated websites such as hotel, shipping company, also while we contacted hotel for clarification could direct by stating the domain is not ours even though we are all know the confidentiality of an organization. The bank check is from France since I stay in EU for the convenience of transfer they said. It looks the profile picture using are not belong to them
Any way I wish nobody should be cheated like this.

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James –

Victim Location 60610

Total money lost $3,000

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by a person who call his name gabriel nieves(ambassadors hotel chicago human resource manager).he send me online assessment and two days after i done the test he send me offer letter to sign which is i did and send him back.then after a week he call me and he tells me to send all my identity (passport,id,driving licence with pic)and he tells me if i have dependent they can join me as well so i include my doughter id and send him too.So after this he send me email to contact the agency through [email protected] about my visa,i fallow and i contact the agency by email,i get reply so fast and they told me to send 920$ in order to process my visa,the first time i told them i will pay after all process finish,but he send me email that this is the hotel policy and we cant do nothing,before i send the many i search in google official phon number of ambassador hotel and i ask to connect me mr.gabriel navies(human resource manager)and i was informed that by hotel receptionist the person which i look is off day today,then after i confirmd he is working thire i totaly belive that this is true job offer and send all the many through many gram.the worest part he was asking me to send in diffrent name below

Vernetta herring

abdulwahab ikharo

mutairu umoru sule

Dominique l hobson

Which the totall amount of 3000$

When i was asking why diffrent name he was saying this is usa many gram policy which one person only can recive only one time(with in a period of one month recive,which is complitly macks me to belive he almost send me full day watsup message regarding the job through

+15188411689 number.the other part which he pressure me to resign from my current job(as my visa is alredy approve).i start asking whn he send me my approval document,so he said he is waiting the letter of my accomidation letter to sign up by general manager and after one day he send me email that the hotel asking me to pay 1/2 for the accomodation which i refused to pay,then after three days he call and told me finally the hotel agree to pay now and letter on to deduct from my salery which i agree too.Again after we communucate regarding accomidation he tells me the parcial send alredy through oceanic express delivery with tracking no 1010544491 which is i canot track it and its not avilable online at all.i repetdly told him i cant see it online which he convince me to wait 48hr for delivery. This is the time i become to thing thire is somthing wrong,,after 48hr waiting i ask by email about my parcial then he reply me that my parcial is sized by custom and ask to contact through this email [email protected] after i send email they reply me that my parcial is sized and i have to pay 2700$ in order to relese,this is the time i come to now i loss my all hard earn many,then i call again the hotel direct and i was informed the person i was looking for he alredy left a job.this is how the scammer leave me with pain,im a mother and i was lost my job,my many&my time,,,

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