Baribos Schnauzers

Ruth – Aug 21, 2020

Just ripped my mother off for 600 , terrible people, my mom was going to drive 7 hours to get puppy 🥺

Gloria – Jul 24, 2020

We have paid 1800 dollars and they are still asking for more! We paid through cash app. Any way to get our money back?

Brandy – Jul 21, 2020



Number +1 (405) 276-8452
Names on zelle: Kingsly Asaba

[email protected]

[email protected]

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Dale – May 28, 2020

Victim Location 84020

Total money lost $750

Type of a scam Online Purchase

At about 12am on Sunday May 24 2020 i found a puppy i wanted to buy. we did the money exchange with paypal. We agreed to have the puppy be delivered on May 26, 2020. I paid $600 for the puppy and $150 for shipping. Later the at day i had a feeling that something wasnt right so i googled the company name and thats when i saw scam all over. i reached out to them and few hours later they got back to me staying that they are real and that they would send the puppy on Monday May 25 2020 and i would get an email for shipping and tracking info in the morning. On Monday i did get an email and they were asking for $900 to ship the puppy and wanted the payment to be in 2 walmart cards ($500 and $400) i told them i was not paying and we went back and forth on it till they said to give them till Tuseday to fix it and i said ok thats fine becasue that was the orginal drop off date. later that day i was looking up breeders in the area because i wanted to learn more and that when i came across a different breeder and after looking at her pictures i felt like the puppy i had paid for was one of her puppies. So on Tuesday i got a message saying all i needed to do was send $300 and the puppy would be shipped and told them no and it was best to refund me the money back. I reached out the the other breeder that i found to ask them if this was their puppy and the lady got back to me and said yes it was but from 3 years ago.

Maurice – May 25, 2020

Thank you for sharing your posts and experience as we Googled the name before sending any money but the crappy thing is they are scammers that try to get into your phone, personal info, etc. If your posts weren’t here, then they would have gotten more money from another dog lover. Sorry for those who got scammed. I am concerned they will use the phone number and personal information to attempt to scam more areas of ones live. If they are located in OK, definitely going to be found and buried at the Tiger Kings farm.

Justin – May 23, 2020

Yup they almost got me! Thank God for PayPal because it declined my purchase to them😃 Then they wanted me to go to Walmart and get a walmart card! Then I’m like whoa who takes a walmart card for a animal? Listen to your instincts because if it’s to good to be true it is! Let’s stop these scammers !

Olivia – May 19, 2020

Same thing happened to us last night 05/18/20. Should have went with gut feeling. Sent 750 for dog and flight. Next morning they wanted another 900.00 for insurance for flight. We wanted new schnauzer ours is 14+ years old. They even gave us a flight number and everything. These people need shut down.

Eduardo – Apr 14, 2020

Yup, I got taken as well. Luckily, I have saved all text messages, receipts for money sent, and the “sale contract” that they didn’t want to include. I have asked for my money back, but not really anticipating getting it. I’m going to call the OKC police and file a report for theft and fraud. Hopefully, more people will be aware of this scam and put this guy away.

Diana – Feb 05, 2020

I just hope you will really check into this facility before you send any money, wanted a 500.00 deposit sent western union, I asked for a real time live video of the puppy, did not do that.Searched the name he gave me and nothing came up, I almost got taken for 500.00 , but my instincts told me something was not right.

Jasmine – Mar 16, 2020

Victim Location 97302

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I found these puppies at the above website and received messages by text. I tried to Face time the phone number and it wouldn’t go through. I also tried to get real life pictures and all they would say is the photos that they sent me via text were current pics. you could definitely tell they were pictures of puppies taken in a photo op. They kept telling me of places to go in my city and state to get gift cards for payment to hold the puppy. That is when I felt uneasy with the person texting me. They seemed very concerned about payment only.

Bradley –

Victim Location 46394

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My elderly dad was trying to look for a Schnauzer to buy and went online to look and came across bariboschnauzers and also Batie Schnauzers and texted the people at (405) 276-8452. My dad was told the dog was $600.00 plus the flight fee of $150.00 which could be sent western union to Kelvin Almed in Oklahoma City. They claim that they will ship your dog with a nanny and will send the puppy to you in 6 hours via the airlines. I texted them last night and got the same info and they are trying to have me wire money now for the same dog my dad was getting. Stay away!!!!! This is a scam.

Logan –

You aren’t alone. This person went so far as to threaten that if got any negative reviews they wouldn’t refund me my money. The money they never refunded anyway after promising to do so so many times. I was also promised on a few different occasions that would be definitely receiving a puppy. The individual I (male) was talking to even got inappropriate and very unprofessional a few times. This took place 11/2019, My prayer is that with persistence we can find out who is behind this operation and shut them down and recoup our money in the process.

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