Logan – Dec 13, 2020

Ampleoptions made my year, after several broker turned me down. Finally can clear off debt, pay bill and get my dream car.
Just 10btc $192k. Thanks to my account manager.

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Logan – Jul 01, 2020

Not taking sides though, so many people try to use some legit companies like Ampleoptions details to con others amd thats bad.If you deal with the wrong trader you get it wrong.I invested and got paid that same week.

Sandra – Jun 21, 2020

My advice to anyone, stay away from these new forex and binary option companies and to also withdraw all funds completely after making your first profits. I have been scammed by Ampleoptions. But I’m glad that I had all my money returned including all profits, thanks to an expert. You can reach me to relate for help if you’ve also lost money trading; Susiebell2009 {at} gmail, dt com

Barbara – Jun 18, 2020

I knew this was a scam the minute I started seeing my account grow to some ridiculous amount. I got scammed by ample options last week by someone with the account named Mary Florence. There are many profiles they go by. If they are using WhatsApp you know it is a scam. They promised to help me learn how to buy and sell crypto currency as I am new to the market. This was not the case. My account quadrupled in about 2 days and I didn’t make a single trade. That’s where I realized this was way to good to be true.

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Erik – May 30, 2020

Victim Location 93551

Total money lost $10,000

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

This people name Bernie Doran had 8 instagrams pages that I found about. He tells you he is a trader and works for tells you to by bitcoin on cashapp and send them to this address 142qFg87ToX7fzYnfgrUgNMQyCnWLh1JK4. Once that is done he funds your investment after seven days you can withdraw your funds with a code that will be emailed to you. That never happened they tell you you have to pay a signal fee once that pay you get your code I paid $3850 for signal fee invested $1500 and referred 10 people that invested $512 dollars each. So today I get a whatapp message stating I need to pay another $500 from two different people the Bernie person and the ampleoptions company.

Dawn – Jun 06, 2020

Write to [email protected] to reclaim your bitcoins, that’s the only chance you’ve got to get your funds back. I was in this same situation losing 10k$ until I reported to them and which they helped me.

Kristin – May 30, 2020

Victim Location 93551

Total money lost $10,000

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

This company as a website and said you can invest in bitcoin you first purchase on cashapp and then send to address on ampleoptions. This company then said after seven days you’ll receive a withdrawal code but you never do they continue to ask for signal fee and other fees once that’s paid they tell you more money is need I referred 10 people this company over 10k is gone

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