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Rachael – Sep 09, 2020

I made an online order for baby formula. I received an email confirmation of my order, but found it suspicious as there was no additional info on when it would be shipped, which carrier was being used, when it might arrive, etc. I have made many attempts at contacting the company by phone, email, and instant massage as I now believe them to be less than honest with what they are doing and have received no response. I hope to continue bugging them to the point of receiving a refund, but realize I may never get it.

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Travis –

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Business sells baby formula online and guarantees that if you are not satisfied there is a 30 day return policy. I received the product and my baby could not tolerate it so I tried to contact them for an exchange. Phone number goes to an answering service that never calls back. I called five times, sent numerous emails. They have no mailing address on the site, when I found my receipt from the formula it had some address of a freight forwarding company in France. Product is supposed to be sent from the States. The company profile has some pictures of the employees, by first name only…probably fake photos. There was no response from them ever. They have a Facebook page that I go to occasionally and realize now that they are getting constant negative comments that they routinely erase. Most of them are for product ordered and never received. I guess I’m lucky that I received anything at all.

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