Facebook Friend

Samuel –

Victim Location 35023

Type of a scam Government Grant

Received a Messenger Text from a person posing as a Facebook Friend.

Messenger: I was wondering, if you have heard about the BAP programs giving out a grant?

Me: What is the BAP Program?

Messenger:I meant the Bonus Anniversary from the Federal gov’t money agency to help people financially, I got $150,000. Did you get yours also?

Me: No. That’s good.

Messenger: Should I give you the agent text number.Now you will text her and you can talk to her now and apply for yours too.

Me: No thanks

Messenger: Okay

Crystal –

Victim Location 32246

Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a facebook message from a church friend who said that she had received $100k grant and started asking me personal questions. I was told to call 323-800-7906 and speak to Mark Fred to find out more about this opportunity.I became suspicious and began asking my facebook friend some identifying information and the scammer could not answer questions that my friend should know. I then asked my friend to call me and she couldn’t because her phone was broken. I was finally able to get in touch with my friend legitimately and she said that she was not the one sending me these messages and she had no idea someone was impersonating her and she had not received any money. I want to warn other people because the scammer was able to answer simple identifying information I asked and had I been more gullible I may have fallen for this scam.

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