Favorite estore LLC

Sierra –

Victim Location 34653

Total money lost $3,000

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted through email and by phone to work for this company as a storeroom manager. I research the company and saw that it seemed to be a legitimate company and therefore became employed with them. I was supposed to be paid on the 1st of October and when I went to log into the portal I had been locked out and no one is answering the phone. I emailed my point of contact Gloria James who I spoken to on the phone and ask her where the difficulty and why wasn’t paid or receiving any emails or calls. Every time I call it just rings and then hangs up. They have all my personal information and I’m very scared for identity theft as well as I did not receive my payment.

Francisco –

Victim Location 77055

Total money lost $3,000

Type of a scam Employment

My situation is exactly the same as the attachment. Except my 30 days ended september 27,2018.

Shanna –

Victim Location 63033

Total money lost $3,000

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by a Tracy Roberts HR Manager for this company as a quality assurance control in store room manager. My direct Supervisor was a Gloria James I have my contract showing that I was supposed to get paid 3000 a month for shipping packages and Performing Inventory Services. Payday has come and I have not been able to log into my shipping portal nor have I been able to reach anyone in the office or my direct supervisor. This is the second company that I have encountered at the exact same time both listed employment opportunities on indeed.com. I feel indeed should be held liable for this situation due to the fact they have not checked references and background on companies.

Hillary –

Victim Location 20744

Type of a scam Employment

Buckle up kids, ’cause this is gonna be a wild ride. I also want to preface this by saying this company found me through Career Builder.

Got an email in my inbox that said the following:

[My Name] ,

We are considering you as the new Storeroom-Manager for our company.

Key responsibilities include receiving goods and packages via mail, processing and checking them, working closely with the supervisors and making reports of work done.

We are paying $3000 per month and all applicable bonuses.

Reply to this e-mail and we will get in touch with you.

Me, not thinking much of it, replied to the email saying I was interested in this position. I got a reply the next day from a person named Tracy Roberts which basically said they saw my job application and were thinking of hiring me. "Tracy" then linked me to a job application form on their website( which was a cover for the scam as it almost looked legit enough to pass on first viewing) she wanted me to fill out and read a Google Docs to give me more "detailes(how she spelled it) on this position." The Google Docs gave me information on what my job would be:

From this email I started to get a little suspicious, especially when they were listing the benefits. However, I brushed it off, filled out the form, and submitted it. Got a confirmation email two days later saying a representative will be contacting me within 24 hours over the phone or via email and gave me a username and password to access their site’s shipping information system.

Was contacted the next day by Tracy by phone who did a VERY short phone interview giving me the run down of the task I will be completing and asking what my last job was and where it was located along with answering the questions I had about the job. The interview was shorter than five minutes. She told me on the phone that a supervisor would email me. Almost five minutes later I received two emails from my soon to be "supervisor" named Gloria James. The first one was of no importance, but the second one was Gloria introducing herself to me as my future supervisor and would be the person training me for this job. She also attached two forms for me to fill out electronically, an Agreement form and a W-4 form to "finish the hiring process".

I did fill out both forms, but did not send them yet as I was still feeling like something wasn’t right about this company. The W-4 form asked for my social security number, which made me nervous since I wasn’t hired by them yet. I should not be filling this form if I’m not an employee. The agreement form laid out the tasks I had to complete, but had some scam elements to it as well. One example is that I had to open and inspect the package, repack it( using supplies I had to buy), and ship it back out to the warehouse or customer within two hours of receiving it. The agreement never stated whether I would get a package everyday or a big volume for the week. Ever since I had gotten the email with the Google Doc, doubt of their legitimacy had began forming in the back of my mind. I also told my parents about this job and they had even said it sounded off. My mom had said she turned down those job positions because they felt "seedy" to her. Those words fueled and slightly validated my suspicious feeling.

Throughout this whole process I had been researching their company name to learn more about them, but all that returned was the company website. Looking through the website again, I noticed some questionable things that I missed my first glance around. The website looks professional at a glance. It has a secure connection, does not look amateur, and like functions like any shipping company. However, digging deeper there were some questionable things on the site such as how all the social media buttons lead back to the site’s homepage when you clicked them, like they were there for show. The site is also littered with typos and grammatical errors. Not to mention descriptions of the services they provide sound sketchy and is very overpriced. I also looked up the address that was on the site and on the Agreement. I was brought to a terminus in Georgia. Even more sketched out, I looked through the past emails I was sent and saw typos and grammatical errors in them as well. The email addresses being used were inconsistent as well. Gloria came up as Tracy Roberts when she emailed me(Another thing, tried to look these people up. No results came back for these names and this company.) had used three different addresses. First was [email protected], then [email protected], and finally the one that is listed above.

After being sure that this was a scam, I sent "Gloria/Tracy" an email demanding they show proof this wasn’t a scam, citing the reasons the red flags I pointed out above. I told them if they couldn’t prove to me they were a legitimate company with a legitimate job then I was going to report them to the ScamPulse.com. That was two days ago.

Cody –

Victim Location 75243

Type of a scam Employment

They emailed me with a job opportunity to be a “storeroom manager” at $3000/monthly to receive packages and reship them. They never answer the phone and they just started requesting information and said “you’re hired” with no interview or dialogue. All this seemed fishy and upon more research I saw a thread online about a ring of shipping scams and they were on there. They would just send you packages and make you illegally ship them out of the country as they had made the purchases with fake credit cards and you could go to jail and they will have alll your information.

Cole –

Victim Location 91763

Type of a scam Employment

They offered me a position as a part time storeroom manager and promise to pay $3,000/month plus $30 bonus if I pack and send more than 10 packages per week. TRACY ROBERTS was my HR manager and she also was the only one that I could speak to. In order to begin this job, she sent me the employment agreement and the W-4 form to fill in. So, I signed the agreement and filled out my social security number for the form W-4. Also, she needed me to upload my DL through its SHIPPING SYSTEM as well. And I did too. The second person in this was GLORIA JAMES, he/she was my supervisor, but I never have a chance to talk to him because he did not have a phone number or an email address either. The only way I can contact with my "supervisor" was messaging through their "shipping system". After a week, I received a super expensive product. However, I refused to send it to them and reported this to the police.

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