Federal Government Grant Reward imposter

Caleb –

Victim Location 99501

Type of a scam Government Grant

I’ve been contacted by someone who says she knows me, but I have not spoken to her, just messages. I do know a person with this name, but I was also contacted by someone else saying the same. It was for a grant that all I had to do was pay a fee and the money would be sent to me.

The first one I fell into the trap. Sent money, not all at once. I got suspicious and stopped. He said once the money was there I couldn’t get it back except when I fully paid the fee. I never did and didn’t recover the money. Last week the newest one, only through messages. Her agent even messages me. I tried to tell her no, but she’s insisted we need to help each other. This can’t be so, I’m trying now to get them blocked. Be ware. I am also going to contact the FBI fraud unit here in Anchorage AK to report it.

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