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Type of a scam Tech Support



You do not know me and this does not matter right now

I guess i dont have good news for you

I setup an small malvware in a adult webiste (*** *** ***) and you

accessed the video (you know what im talking about).

While you were watching the videos to have some fun (ok, i dont blame

you) my virus start to work as a RDP (remote desktop) along with a

keylogger and i had full access to your screen and camera.

My small malvware also collected your contacts (from email, social

network, etc…)

After this i started to record your screen and your camera at the same

time. So i created an double-screen video (half side your camera watching

porn and half side your screen).

As you might be thinking i had a lot of trouble doing all this.

You might be worried at this point but dont be, its simple to fix all

this mess, all you have to do is pay me U$350, this value is enough to keep

our little secret safe.

You will make my payment through Bitcoin (if you dont know how to buy

Bitcoin search on google, its fast and easy, i recommend localbitcoins).

The Bitcoin address you have to send the money is:


You only have 24 hours to send my money after reading this e-mail (i put

an special tracking pixel in this message and i will know when you read it).

If i do not receive my Bitcoins i will send your double-screen video to

all contacts that i collected from you (including friends, co-workers,


If you are wise enough and send my money all the material will be deleted

and you will not hear from me again.

Clock is ticking….

PS: If you do not believe answer this message with "I DONT BELIEVE" and i

will send your video to 3 contacts i collected from you.

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