Cassandra –

Victim Location 44102

Total money lost $349.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received an Email from Apple. Someone had been charging hundreds of dollars to my Apple iTunes account. I Googled Apples phone number and received. 866-612-4980-888-334-5804. I called the phone number and asked are you Apple. They replied yes. I was advised they needed $349.99 to fix my computer. I gave my debit card number over the phone. They withdrew $349.99 December 2, 2017. I contacted my bank the same day which was a Sunday. called the phone numbers many times. It would not pick up. Then I noticed withdrew the funds not Apple. I wrote them an E mail that I knew what they were up to. I did dispute it with the bank. The funds were withdrawn because the scammer forged my name. I questioned How could I sign something from a phone call.

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