First Protection Services2

Tristan –

Victim Location 04062

Total money lost $247

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I was reviewing my checking account online after a weekend away, to make sure the debit transactions had gone through properly and found a check had passed on 5/26/2017 for $247.00. When I viewed the check, it was a computer concocted check with my name, an incorrect address, with a very low check number of 161, where as I have had my checking account for decades and my check numbers run in the 4K range. The "check" did not have my signature, it had a printed statement saying First Protection Services2 was an authorized signatory for me. They are not!!! I reported it to my bank immediately. I looked the company name up on the Internet, it gave me the name of a similar company, which is semi-local to me, which is a Security firm. I do not do business with them, either. However, when I entered the name "First Protection Services2" with quotes around it, it came up with the phone number that was on the bottom of the check on the Memo line, which led me to a scam reporting bulletin board and MANY other people who had the same experience with the same or a similar amount debited from their checking accounts.

I reported this to my bank, and went down and filed a fraud report to them. I contacted the Boston area, and after speaking with a representative, was asked to make this fraud report.

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