Forever Flawless

Darryl –

Victim Location 80124

Total money lost $5,000

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I am writing you this email to inform you of a shop at Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree called Forever Flawless. My mother-in-law who does not want to be mentioned (as she is completely embarrassed) was scammed and pressured to by over $5,000.00 worth of product (mind you she is retired and on a tight budget). When I came home from my honey-moon she was in tears and had the product in her room , had not yet opened it and stated that she went there and was pressured into buying product that she didn’t want. Now knowing that she is a grown woman and should have known better, she has some issues mentally from time to time and stated she just didn’t realize what she was doing. I went to the store to try to return the product with in the 7 day period and the manager, Johnny stated it could only be done by the owner. So I called the owner Louis, he said his name was and he told me to come back on Thursday (this passes the 7 day grace period) and he would try to work with me, but he told me that the refund is only for the retail amount purchased at 20% restocking fee, not the wholesale amount. I told him that none of the product had been opened or used and that I didn’t understand why all of it could not just be returned with no restocking fee period, and he said it had to do with FDA regulations, etc. I went in on Thursday and met with him with no good results.

After my meeting he was supposed to send my mother in law a $2000.00 check to refund her some of her $ for the return, which by the way he said he did not want any of the product back because one of the products on the receipt she had not even received yet and he was going to give her the refund on that product instead of sending it to her, with the restocking fee applied, thus giving her the $2000.00 refund. She received a check and the funds were no good, I did text the owner and he said he would check on it, I told him no that I was just going to report him and the company to consumer scamming and fraud, the BBB and any one else who would listen. He said go ahead and that he was going to have his lawyer contact me. So not only did she not get all of the product she paid for but she got none of her $ back. ( I have part of that conversation recorded as well). Another reason I would like you to look into this is one, after I researched the company further I have found that they do this quite often to older women, knowing that there will be no way for them to return the product and get a full refund. While I was in there, there was an older woman who was sitting on the chair waiting but she looked like she had been falling asleep, when she woke up she looked at me, said oh you need help, johnny can help you, I don’t know where johnny is and looked completely dazed and confused, almost in a drunken or drugged state (unsure of why she was like this), then someone came out and took her to the back, she got up out the chair and looked absolutely off balance, as they walked her back they offered her a glass of wine. I found that very odd. Then when I spoke to the manager and the owner they both said that there are cameras to prove the person who comes in and purchases is valid, which I found odd as well almost scripted to say that.

This company pulls older women in and scams them out of thousands of dollars. Read the BBB review it says something very similar to what I am saying. If you can help please do if not for us for other older women out there. Or point us in the right direction to someone who can help us.

Thank you

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