Stephen – Jul 26, 2020

Victim Location 94589

Type of a scam Online Purchase

At first I thought it wasnt a scam. I found out they were later.

On July 9, 2020 , I ordered a Portable AC small Air Conditioner. The Cost was $87.99 I paid with my debit card through paypal. On July 10. I received an email from the company. with an order #, and a picture of the item I was ordering, and a tracking number I went to the tracking service they provided and typed in the tracking number it wasn’t showing anything. I emailed them and said I am getting no information. I emailed a person twice with no response. So, I looked on there website and I saw a support email and that one responded back to me. They didnt email me back until July 20 with that same tracking number that was in the earlier email. I went to the tracking service again Yun Express Tracking. It had tracking information from July 10 all the way up to July 18 and it ended, and said delivery to a local courier, in Los Angeles United States of America. I went to my computer and found a courier in Los Angeles. I typed that tracking number in and it said we are waiting on some information about your package. it said that every time I typed the tracking # in. It did this for several days. I know with it coming from china and with the covic 19 going on the package would take long for me to receive it. I called the Los Angeles Post office and they said that is not a valid tracking number, we have no information. I emailed the company back and i told them they gave me the wrong tracking number and that they are a scam. They kept ensuring me that they mailed it and it was on the way. A few days later I was on You tube and I see a guy that does videos on scam websites. He was talking about this website, that I am reporting to you now. People were commenting on the video sayingm how they paid for this small air conditioner and never received it. I couldnt believe it. Oh my gosh. I filed a dispute with paypal and told them about the video. Also that I never received the product. They sent my dispute to the company. The company emailed me and assured me once again that they are not a scam and they mailed my product. and to close the dispute so, I closed it. I waited a few days still no package. The scammers did get the money $87.99. I called my bank and filed a claim and my bank returned my money to me.

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