Jenna –

Victim Location 84070

Total money lost $98

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Hearts Desire Bath and Body (Michelle Savage) has taken $100 from me and strung me along for over 5 months now on a large order I placed with her in the beginning of February I’m writing this for myself to purge this stupid irritating experience, and to warn others who might be considering ordering from her. This woman has not followed up with me once after I paid her. I saw posts about a bunch of tragic things that did or didn’t happen to her and her family. A death of a beloved grandparent, lupus, cancer a debilitating flu, a house fire, freezing house pipes, a brain injury, and a car accident that supposedly rendered her, and her son critically injured, were some of the things going on…. I offered nothing but sympathy and patience which is why it’s 5 months past and I’m writing this knowing damn well I’m not getting my money back or what I paid for.

After some time I asked for an eta and if I could get a refund instead (I figured with all that was going on in her life it could help to not have to worry about my large order on top of everything else) because I was not aware I would be waiting for the order for so long. Months go by, and she is dealing with this car accident aftermath. I’m not saying it didn’t happen but regardless, she continued on instagram (despite saying she was so hurt she couldn’t be on her phone or make any orders) blasting some girl who had reached out to me with the same issue. This girl had called her out after a month of dealing with her nicely and realizing she’s been scammed. And Michele, her husband?, son, and daughter all preceded to harass her and try to paint her as this horrible person. She would put some info in comments to her “friends” that were basically taking her side (fun thing I noticed, same people who are doing most of her really amazing reviews on her products she keeps reposting on her page, one of the reasons I felt comfortable doing business with her) but she never once reached out to me to tell me what was up with my order. This continues and I have to go out of my way to kindly try to follow up with her every month. I was as patient as I possibly could be but after a couple months I asked if I could please just get refunded because I didn’t realize I would have to wait so long and she wouldn’t be working on my order or communicating with me this whole time. She had me pay with friends and family in the beginning saying that “it’s fine and plenty of my customers have to use that option” so I trusted her. When it came to my refund, she kept telling me she couldn’t refund me because she didn’t have my money and I would have to go through PayPal. Because of the timeframe, and the fact that it was paid via friends and family, there was nothing they, or my bank could do to help me, so she continued to ask me if I want a refund or my order, which is stupid because I wanted a refund. Blatantly. But didn’t get that option. I had been so patient and compassionate toward this woman and her family, and screwed over for that reason. I would highly recommend never using PayPal friends/family with this person or really anyone except actual friends or family ????? duh.

She continued to tell me she was unable to make any orders because she was so sick with a debilitating flu, then seriously injured and had no help, but then was posting as her daughter (under her account) and messaging me as her husband(also under her account) The messages look like her pretending to be them. Sketchy. The husband? messaging me back, reassured me how hurt and incapable she was of doing much but his daughter would help get the orders made and make mine special with extra samples. But then she is still posting on Instagram, pictures of new products with the details and “Dm me to place your order” which looks to me like someone is in full swing or still full swing of taking payments that can’t be refunded. Yet she would deny this when I confronted her about it. When I would reach out to her monthly to check, she would tell me her woes and I’d give her sympathy. She told me that her daughter is amazing at making the products too and she will make and ship my order. She said my order would ship that Friday by the latest, “unless something weird happened with UPS”, she said. Didn’t hear back from her. Gave it two more weeks, meanwhile she is still posting on Instagram. The shipping day would come and go and no packages or peep from her ever. She kept telling me my order was the biggest order and she was excited to get working on it next (but wait, how did you just tell me my order would be out last Friday and you’re not even started or close to starting it!?) PayPal almost refunded me in the beginning saying the payment wasn’t accepted on her side, (another customer who was scammed by her also, reached out to me and explained her situation, I decided to give Michele the benefit of the doubt and continue working with her rather than going to PayPal at that point because I figured recovery really could take a bit and I wanted to give her a chance to make it right) so I tried to get her to just allow the refund, but it went through and she would never give me a refund option.

She refused to stop calling me pet names (sweetie, ect) although I asked her over and over to stop, that it’s not professional and makes me uncomfortable (manipulative and undermining the situation she put me in). In the last messages (last month or so) she still was saying she wasn’t scamming me or trying to rip me off, but still she has taken my money and no order has come although she seems to have been busy fulfilling orders for her friends and has had over 5 months to get mine out. I wouldn’t ever recommend buying from this scam artist. She had plenty of time to make this right. I have screenshots from ALL messages that were exchanged and of her post during the time, as well as messages and screen shots of others who have been harassed and played by this individual as well as publicly slandered on her business Instagram page for “harassing her” because they called her out on her scam. She blocked and never refunded or sent an order to a 14 year old as well. She has not once actually apologized for the situation and has never made an effort to follow up with me or fix this. The way she speaks (as well as the husband, son, and daughter) Is highly concerning especially because the people she is attacking have been ones she stole money from and strung along. Then she has the audacity to say she is being attacked and while she is in soooo much pain and her son almost died, ect, ect. This woman/family has stolen money from more than just me, as made them look like the problem even when we have all been nothing but kind and compassionate for all her issues and ailments, or excuses/lies… then she blocks and deletes anything that makes her page look bad. She needs to be stopped. A reputable page came to me and followed up with her, she said that I had blocked her but I had been on her page all morning, she had deleted a comment from someone saying she should refund my money because this is bad for business. That comment was deleted. I commented multiple times and she deleted all those comments and played stupid like I had her blocked and she couldn’t reach out to me like she had desperately been trying to, because I blocked her. Well once she unblocked me her message came through fine and her husband even messaged me from a different account this time saying she was desperately trying to get ahold of me and couldn’t… again, the messages came in just fine. She continued to play me and this is for an order placed in February. She says she is going to send my order and that all her dms got deleted which is why she didn’t have my information but then she sends me a gist of my order my name and my city so she knows or can see all the messages she claims she can’t see. Then because I told her it’s all there and asked for an eta which she replied that she had 8 other orders ahead of mine so she can’t give me one. I asked her how mine was still 8th in line if she said she had all the orders out that we’re owed. I’ve dealt with this the whole time and she is continuing her same tactics to protect her scam business. She needs to be shut down and refund the money she stole and tricked people out of. I have all messages and screenshots. She keeps telling me now that her lawyer is going to refund me but I don’t think that’s going to happen or that she even has a lawyer. I can send and offer the whole conversation to anyone who would like proof because it’s so obvious as a whole, especially having 5months to watch how she works and dealt with the others she did this too.

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