IFC Tennessee

Ashleigh –

Victim Location 60133

Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a message from one of my family members on Facebook about receiving a grant that I was able to apply for. So I messaged him through a phone call and then I started to receive test messages from a man named Agent *** ***. He told me that there was a data base where he could run my name to see if I was available to claim money from a government grant. I sent him the information that he asked me. He gave me number and told me to keep them safe as to the person would be bringing me my money to my doorstep and would need those numbers to verify it was me. Then I was told that I needed to pay $377 for a tax and delivery charge and I would be receiving $35,000. He kept asking me when I was sending the money for it to to “save my profile” and for it to go completely through. I was told that I could send 3 $100 and 1 $50 iTunes gift cards to pay instead of cash which is where I started to get suspicious. I went back on Facebook to look at the message and saw that the account was marked as spam as it wasn’t an actual account from my family member. I then kept receiving text messages talking about how this was a legit company and how my money was already packaged and ready to be delivered to me as soon as I payed them for the tax clearance. I was then given a name and city with zip code as to where I should make the payment to the “cashier”. They have my name, address, photo of me and my signature.

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