Impo-Expo Agent Azuno Consultants Pvt Limited.

Bryce –

Victim Location 35004

Total money lost $800

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was cheat, scam and with net extortion, black mailing and death treat warning was given to me.Those persons call with Violent expression, if you do not accept they black mail you on internet. They were representating themself as good company.

I Maha Rana Pratab Singh Puran With Italian Travel *** *** I request to file a net extorsion case, and black mailing because those persons and company have make violent net extorsion to me and my company. They call an offer good loan for developing your company.

I am ready to send you complete documents and email exchange are proof and money transfer receipt and others documents, they were ready to give aloan of 228 million usd, against the payment of the fees.

If you do not pay they black listed you on internet free complaint, website, that which have happen to me and my company.

they have stop of replying their phone and email., they use their indian phone to make those net extorsion and black mailing. I have send my passport copy, i am very worry that they use my passport documents for others Scam.

when asking them Meeting in their office, they denied, they told that they are very busy, no personal visit is allow.

I humbelly request your assistance, to stop those scammer and fraud person.

They send fake agreement documents and they call every 0ne hour in day to request to make payment, When i refuse to back they black list me on RIPPOFF REPORT.

I have advise them before, that in business i got a misunderstanding with a broker in 2012, theyhave taken those opportunity to black listed me and make net extortion.

I have send them the fees payment by bank wire transfer from my bank but the bank transfer was unable to go thus, because the company and account was all fake, when they do have money, they start black listed me, so That i can pay the fees of 775 Usd, But i have send the money by western union.

All those persons below call and black listed me, and net extorsion, and dead treat if i do not pay, they told me that they persons in Italy to kill me and my family.

All persons involve in that scam details and name can give below by us to you.

Sir/Madam, i request your assistance to catch those scammer, frauder and net extortioner, and to clean by name and company reputation.

I want to fill an extprtion case to that company and persons.

Impo-Expo Agent

Azuno Consultants Pvt Limited.

8th Floor, Bulding 82b

DIF Cyber City

DLF Pharse III

Gurgaon 12002 Haryana, India

Tel 009198973671810

Email : [email protected]

Arjun Rathore

General Manager Operations

Rakesh Sharma

Loan & Disburment Manager

Shruti Rathore

Loan Processing unit Manager

Nidhi Chhabra

Loan fees Collector and Account Manager.

Kuldeep Singh Tanwar

Compliance team/ Lawyer

The fees was send on her Name, receipt can Proof

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