International Travel Services Inc

Luke –

Total money lost $15,000

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

*** *** I Purchased tickets me, my wife and two kids from ( international travel services) for 5160$

I had travelled with my family

And my two children’s on September 30, 2019, we drove from fort McMurray to Edmonton airport, after we arrived at Edmonton international airport to start our flight the travel agent (international travel service ) in the city of fort McMurray, his name is Ujeer Ahmed called me and informed me that *** has changed our booking , He changed my flight from Edmonton to Toronto and had to wait for extra time at the airports before I take *** flight to Dubai. I arrived with my family and left my family behind and travelled back to Canada, my family return ticket to Canada should be on 31 of December 2019. Then I booked another ticket to travel from canada to bring my family to Canada , my ticket was from Edmonton to Khartoum started on the 11 December 2019 and I should travel back with my family to Canada on the same date as my family on 31 December , but unfortunately the travel agent (Ujeer Ahmed )informed me that the flight is fully booked on 30 dec so i have to change the dates of travel to 27th of Dec to come back with my family and he charged me more than 3600 $ Canadian dollar including the penalty that *** charge on changing flights for my family.

I paid him the money , when I arrived to Edmonton airport on the 10th of December at 7 pm to start my flight on the 11th 12:5 am , the travel agent Ujeer Ahmed )contacted me to know that *** has changed my booking and I should travel to Seattle in the next day at 8 am then I was forced to stay at the Edmonton international airport for 12 hours before I travel to Seattle, and waited there for 8 hours before I took Emirates flight going to Dubai, then stayed 20 hours in Dubai then Khartoum , I had to take all this difficulties upon my shoulder to go get my family, on the 27th December 2019. After I arrived to Khartoum I went to the airport with my family in Khartoum to travel to canada but unfortunately they didn’t let us fly because of tickets problem

They told me there is no tickets showing in on our system, I showed them the emails from international travel services, they told me this is reservation but there is no tickets issued.

We couldn’t be able to travel and the international travel agency I booked through is closed now and I contacted the guy issued me the ticket (Ujeer Ahmed )he messaged me to check with Emirates airline , I went to there office and they told me they can’t do anything, only I have to deal with this travel agency

This guy took almost 9000$ and left me and my family in the middle of no where!

Pregnant wife in her last try-mister and two little kids, I tried to contact him many times and he promise to do something and close his phone , I messaged him every day and talked with him many time and he keep telling me he spoke with his office because he is away visiting his mom in UK, and they are going to fix it, while his office is closed based on my knowledge.

Finally I had to purchase new tickets for 4321 $ me and my family to come back to Canada.

Jon –

Total money lost $5,000

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Accredited travel agency booked my grandmothers flights to chile. Apon reading on facebook someone was scammed. I told her to follow up. So she did.there was no record of her trip being booked. She is out over 5000 dollars. And the agency is now "closed"

Deborah –

Total money lost $4,500

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

In july my mom and I booked a plane ticket from here to Lagos, Nigeria. We dealt with the owner Ujeer Ahmed, we paid him approximately $4500 for three tickets, two round way and a one way coming back. We were supposed to leave on December 25th. So that morning we tried to check in but can’t, so we start to worry so we contact the airlines *** *** *** *** *** to check what the problem was. Both airlines stated that there was no ticket booked for us. We rush to the airport thinking maybe they just don’t have it in their system or that something else is wrong. When we get there we are told, yes, our name is on their database but there isn’t a ticket booked. So we start panicking we tried to call International Travel Services, his business, but of course its Christmas so the mall is closed. We tried calling every body we knew that had booked from him, to see if they had his personal contact number. We were finally able to get it, we tried for hours to call him and send messages but he wouldn’t pick up or reply to any text messasges. So my mom got into contact with somebody who knew him personally, his aunt. His aunt called him ** *** to ask him why he is not answering his phone, and to tell him to fix our flight ticket. He then proceeded to say that he was out of the country, in London, we should go into the store boxing day, 10am, and his female employee will be able to fix the ticket. So come 10am December 26th and the business is closed and there is no one there. We then locate about 20 people in the same situation, with the same problem waiting for the employee at the front of the business. We find out that the majority of people that were there paid in cash. So at this time we have not been able to get in contact with Ujeer. Please we need help. There were two people involved in this scam, my mom and I.

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