JustAnswer Impostor

Samuel –

Victim Location 73118

Total money lost $47

Type of a scam Other

The following is a copy of the content of the email I sent to JustAnswer. I copied it as they do not share an email address but have a form to complete of which the sender does not have a copy to prove it was sent.

"I did not authorize or approve a membership with JustAnswer and received no services from you. I was attempting to access customer services regarding Sling services and got a response that I would have to share my credit card number to get help, with a $5 charge that was fully refundable. When I received the response that I would have to subscribe to your service to get the answer to my question I did not respond. I want my American Express card fully refunded based on the following information. I have copied the contents of this email and am forwarding it to the Better Business Bureau and the Oklahoma Attorney General.

Jan 4


Will appear on your Jan 28 statement as JUSTANSWER *TECH *** CA

I also want the $5 charge refunded. I chose not to subscribe to Sling and notified them that the reason was their failure to provide simple customer service through you at no charge."

I note that this business has an A+ record with the Better Business Bureau.

I am now not sure how I got linked to this business. I was in Sling trying to determine if their NBAPass for a specific team blacked out home games like they do with the regular NBAPass. I clicked on customer service and was taken to a Google search page as I recall and found this. I do not remember what the page that asked for a $5 deposit looked liked but I thought I was still engaging with Sling and that is why I completed the request for my credit card number. I have received three text messages from JustAnswer that say "The Tech Support Specialist on JustAnswer has responded to your question. View it here: my.justanswer.com/app/s/*** (these last five letters/numbers were different on each. This is the one I finally responded to as follows:I am not interested in paying for basic customer support. I got an auto-response it referred me to there web page help.I have since received three more text message like the first.

I got the following response from them via email:


Thank you for using JustAnswer.

Recently, we sent you a text message letting you know that you received a response from an Expert regarding the question you posted on our site. You replied back to our message needing further assistance. Unfortunately, we cannot assist with customer support-related inquiries via text message so we’re reaching out to you via email to assist.

Also, we recently received an email from you and we would love to help you out. If you could provide us with more details about what you’re experiencing, we’ll do our best to find a solution for you. Of course, if you would rather talk to us directly, you’re welcome to call us toll free at the phone number found here: http://ww2.justanswer.com/phone

Our Customer Service Team is available 24/7 and we’ll be happy to assist you in any way that we can.

If you feel you have contacted us by mistake, please disregard this email.


***  JustAnswer Customer Care

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Ticket Details


Ticket ID: GQD-783-27778

Department: SMS Replies

Type: Issue

Status: Closed

Priority: Normal

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