Marriott Transportation

Alexander –

Victim Location 46714

Total money lost $426

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Anthony/Antonio Mazzon advertised a quarter horse for free to a good home. Once I replied he continued to explain to me that he was a doctor by profession and resided in Maryland. He continued to say that the horse was his grandfathers and he passed away and the horse was in need of a good home. He did say that the only fee would be 426.00 due and payable in advance for a Marriott Transporting Company to pick the horse up and transport him to our residence in Indiana. He did specify that this was a reputable company that he uses all the time. He made all the arrangements thru this company. I made a 426.00 wire on Sunday, March 27,2016 to Francis Tamson at Marriot Transporting for them to pick the horse up. The owner notified me saying that the horse had been picked up thru facebook and taken to get his coggins and anemia test before continuing their

departure from Georgia to Indiana. Then, Marriot Transporting Company said and sent me thru email that these test turned up negative, and he was ready to be shipped. At that point, they inquired about insurance on the horse. They are requiring another 1500.00 to be sent before the horse is to be shipped. They proceed to explain that this is for insurance coverage and that 95% will be refunded back to me when the horse is delivered safe and in tact. I notified the Department of Agriculture in Georgia to see if this was on the up and up. I spoke with Matt (Supervisor) and explained the situation because I was questioning the authenticity of the Health Certificate for this horse. He said he would check on this and get back with me. I received a phone call back from him and he ran the names thru the data base and was unable to find any information on this person or the transporting company. He said he deals with a lot of the veterinarians in the area, and he could not find any physicans by the name listed on the certificate. I continued to check this out and found that the names, addresses, and phone numbers given to me were not valid from my computer. I was not able to get any valid information on anything. I am sending you the documentation of the wire that I sent, along with the health certificate of Rascal. As you will see, the health certificate was filled out on a Marriott Transporting form. I would appreciate anything that you could find out or could do.

Information Given to Me:

Antino/Anthony Mazzon contacted thru facebook Address: N. Holly Terrace, Blue Ridge, GA 30513

Marriott Transporting Address: 35 Capitol SW, Atlanta, GA 30334

Phone number: 631-693-4816

Dept. of Agriculture: Matt 404-656-3713

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