Megellan health inc

Brittany –

Victim Location 33974

Type of a scam Employment

I received an email from megellan health inc talent acquisition specialist about a virtual customer service position. I had been applying for jobs so initially everything seemed normal.

The position was for $28/hr

In the email I was provided an email: [email protected] via google hangouts.

I went through a serious of interview question and was informed that I was excepted and to expect a check in the mail. The check was to be used to cover software materials and equipment.

I received the check via FedEx which has a completely different company name on called Lovus Architecture inc and the address is legit including the name.

The check also came with a letter instructing me to email [email protected] branch of payroll department.

So I reached back out to [email protected] to ask questions. About all the different and he keeps saying if I have issues then shred the check and disconnect the chat.

I went back to my initial email and it does not have my email listed anywhere on the detailed areas of the “to” field more red flags

It’s false employment and a fake check that they want me to cash

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