Microsoft Edge

Christine –

Victim Location 61614

Type of a scam Tech Support

Woke up ,brand new computer locked up,message appears to call Microsoft Edge for support ,called number a man asked about the problem and then wanted money to unlock computer,it’s a month old ,under warranty ,when I realized it was a scam ,I confronted him and he got rude I told him I was calling the police ,and hung up he called me back 14 times harassing me

Ana –

Victim Location 01835

Type of a scam Tech Support

Just bought a new computer last night. Booted it up this afternoon, was told there was a virus on my computer and was locked out. Called the number on the screen, was then told there is a virus (on my brand new computer) and it would cost me money to have it looked at.

I hung up, and miraculously I was able to get back on the computer

Richard –

Victim Location 29625

Type of a scam Tech Support

Recently purchased a new computer with some friends after connecting to it we went onto Microsoft Edge to get on the internet. While I was playing around to put a tool bar on there for them we received a pop up saying we already had a virus in the computer for us to call them or they would disconnect us to the internet. I contacted them and started the process they wanted me to do for them to get control of the computer to remove the virus. I never let them get control and ended the call with them. I wanted to check to see if this was legit. Afterwards we were unable to get back onto Microsoft Edge or any other Browser. Can you tell me if this is a legitimate thing or not.

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