Midwest Outdoor Resort

Brent –

Victim Location 55125

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I attended the St. Paul Ice Show and signed up for chance for side by side ATV or $5000.00. They called me on Dec 9th to say I was a finalist, and since one of finalist, I would receive a Android tablet and chance to pick a key for side by side. I set up an appointment for Dec 12 at there Bloomington office to pick up the tablet and pick a key. Their office called today, Dec 11th to confirm my appointment and to ask some questions. The main question, they asked was, if, I owned a camper or ICE Castle? and if total salary was over $40K. I responded that I didn’t own a recreational camper. The person, named Melissa, put me hold, and then came back on line, to say they were canceling my appointment, Because, they were going to try sell me a membership, but, since, I didn’t own a camper or recreation vehicle. And that, I wouldn’t be receiving the tablet or chance for side by side or $5000. I ended the call by calling them a Fraud company and not a legit business. Melissa responded by saying they were in business over 30yrs. If Midwest Outdoor sports was a legit business, I should have opportunity to pick a key and pick up the prize- Android tablet for being finalist

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