MoneyGram cash increase agency

Shawn – Jun 03, 2020

Victim Location 33056

Total money lost $290

Type of a scam Investment

I saw an instagram post about receiving help if you’re low on cash and decided to have a look. Since this pandemic money has been extremely low so I thought I would see how she could help. Her instagram name is “yasmine_curry” I saw that she had what appeared to be real life happy customers and good reviews so I tried it out. When I messaged her I told her I was interested in investing and earning money. She explained the process to me telling me that it would take just 15-45 and I would have thousands in my account. She told me I could send $200 and receive $2400. I was very unsure so I checked out the website in her bio. It said that all money was monitored my the Better Business Bureau so I felt more at ease. I sent the money and she told me I won a $10000 prize from a random selection and told me to send $800 in order to claim the money. I started to feel as though it was a scam and told her to send my money back and she said it would take 3-4 days. But she told me I could add as little as $50 more and she would re do the process. I agreed and sent that. Then she told me there was a fee to claim my money and I told her that I’m not paying a fee and I also didn’t want to wait 3-4 days to get my money back so she said she’ll work something out for me, asked me to send $40 more and when I did she blocked me on instagram and didn’t reply to my messages. I sent a total of $290 and it was all a scam. Her page is still up and she is fooling other people into sending her money. This is a very tough period for everyone as many have lost their jobs due to the pandemic and will try and utilise any solution possible. I am hoping you can help and get my money back. I sent her my very last.

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